Scam! 07/07/06

New Scam!, you marcies!!

How much of the above is true?

Tomorrow Night- BE THERE: Martyr's Dennehy Release Party w/ Serengeti and Haiku 3855 N. Lincoln Ave Chicago I will be painting live with these talented cats. Go there, cop Blew, Dennehy and Gasoline Rainbows.... Listen to the title track from The Dennehy album. Greatest Chicago song EVER. Yes, better than the Superbowl Shuffle.It's the first track on the Bonafyde Records music player. My man Midas Wells kills it on production. He says he'll make beats for food. Just make sure that turkey burger has seasoning on it.... Dennehy is full of: and of course....

have a good weekend, and hope to see most of you tomorrow at Martyr's..

Peace, Jose

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